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Friday, June 11, 2010

kanagana ranaut saree photo,peach green embroidery sarees

Kangana Ranaut stuns everyone with her enhanced bust At the recently concluded IIFA awards in Sri Lanka, Kangana Ranaut stunned everyone with her enhanced curves, particularly the ones that showed through her peek-a-boo, low-neck gown.The actress admits to a tabloid that her have “expanded miraculously” after she gained seven kilos of weight recently. But the enormous change from the near flat-chested Kangana of old to this busty bombshell is baffling the sceptics who doubt that Kangana might have gone under the knife.But Kangana is quick to pooh-pooh this claim.She says though she’s been getting a lot of compliments for her new curvy figure, she’s all set to lose it. Kangana says when she’s thin, her hollow cheek look much better and give her a younger appearance.Well, we’re just lost for words.

Kangana Ranaut is no longer slim and trim. She has gained seven kilos. Kangana feels that along with her body, her also expanded amazingly. Kangna clarified,"Not only my but everything has miraculously expanded as I have gained seven kilos. I plan to lose all of it though people actually like me fuller and everyone has been complimenting me though I think it makes me look older than I am."Kangana for time being has quit gyming as her fans like her new looks much than her old one. She added,"It's crazy, but every single person loves me fat. And honestly,

I secretly like it too which is probably why I haven't started gym and yoga yet. But really, on screen, my hollow cheeks look better and in fact, it is important they be that way."
Few months ago, Kangana was in news for her fuller lips. Grapevine buzzed that she has undergone some lip surgery but it is now clear that her fuller lips was due to weight is the collection of her bollywood ACtresses saree photo this hot actress has worn peach green embroidery sarees and designer saree blouse she has done south film and even bollywood film she has some hits and flops in south movies and hindi films her designer saree blouse is awesome the saree embroidery is neat and perfect and any type of saree because of her skin colour which is milky white colour.. here are the latest photo of her where in her latest bollywood news gossip is that she feels her has grown amazingly and her feels happy for that..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tammana hot new look in pink pink embroidery designer saree blouse

Telugu Film ACtresses Tammana saree photo,telugu heroine photos saree picture,this hot actress has worn pink embroidery sarees and designer saree blouse,photo south,hot south babe,she has done many south film and south picture,she has some hits and flops in south movies,tammana photo wallpaper,hot tamanna saree photo,hot sarees designs,her designer saree blouse is awesome,the saree embroidery is neat and perfect ,tammanah saree photo,tamanna saree picture,her saree embroidery new and nice ,she looks hot in any embroidery sarees,printed saree,and any type of saree because of her skin colour which is milky white are the latest photo of tammana where in her latest telugu cinema news is she is going to romance nagachaitanya in her upcoming movie,telugu film cinema,It is already reported to our viewers that Naga Chaitanya has signed up a new film under Allu Aravind’s Geeta Arts banner which is to be directed by Sukumar. Milky beauty Tamannaah is pairing with Naga Chaitanya in this film.Now latest news is that Tamanna has been confirmed as Heroine opposite to Nagachaitanya in film produced by ‘Geetha Arts’. Sukumar will direct film.Devi Sri Prasad music director in this film

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